so my original plan for this site was to have about 7 contributors to enable some variety but also participate in themes such as songs from movies or songs about a certain topic or songs from a certain period, anyway that really didn’t pan out but im gonna go with it anyway so here is the first installment, the next few posts will cover albumsyoushouldhear.

I was introduced to this album at a young age from my dad who probably had it on cassette, one of my favorite things about Graceland is how pure and catchy it sounds at first impression.  This was one of maybe two or three albums I could tolerate at the time in my dads collection.  Beyond that, Graceland has very profound social and historical significance because it was recorded in large part in south Africa during apartheid.  Paul Simon was intrigued by the rich colorful music of the Afircans who were facing incredible persecution and he managed to bring them center stage. The success of Graceland gave an entirely new dimension to the atrocity going on, that these people were far more than an oppressed population in need of rescue from the outside world but a vibrant culture that had great things to offer.

Here’s a little bit from a VH1 special

I love this video, you cant help but get goosebumps from seeing people rock out, the only person who doesn’t seem to be moving that much is Paul


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