Plastic Beaches

Gorillaz have this way of giving us a glimpse into our supposed grim future, their videos always highlight the cartooned motley crue trekking through a radioactive trashed existence in the twilight of humanity.  We do see humans in this video (Bruce Willis) but the group by no means will accept the status quo of feel good materialism ‘life at its best’ pop music.  Good for them.  Here’s to talking a step back and shoving our shortcomings right into our eardrums.  The title ‘plastic beach’ is awesome because it alludes to the damage that our single use non-disposable plastics create for our environment, especially oceans waves and beaches.  My uncle Jim’s blog, which explores the mission of The Surfrider Foundation, regularly address the problems of plastics in regards to the oceans.  Check out his blog here.  I just previewed all the songs on this album and they sound great, and with the likes of mos def, bobby womak, snoop dogg, lou reed you know they are ‘making waves’ in the industry if they can pull all these great artists onto their album.  get it here and enjoy

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One thought on “Plastic Beaches

  1. ernesider says:

    Just saw an ad on hulu for the Surfrider foundation, pretty cool shit.

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