Feeling blue?

So i have this group of people staying in my house… The Blue Party is a rockin’ group straight out of the dirrty dirrty, new orleans that is.   The first time i heard most of these songs on an acoustic at the beach, hearing them live with a bouzouki and the occasional violin will rock your face. better than shrimp and grits.  Check out their tour dates here, specifically all the people i know in Columbus OH should check them out at the Taj Mahal the day before 4/20.  Rumor has is that if you show any private parts during the bands set they will buy your drinks for the whole night, and if you show up in a rabbit costume the band will show their private parts and will buy you drinks all night.


One thought on “Feeling blue?

  1. ernesider says:

    Looks like he just blew himself. Best writing of any TV show ever.

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