Not Your Average Rapper

Brother Ali simply has no time to talk about the widely understood motifs that show up in hip hop, most of the time.  A Midwestern Muslim, who regularly unleashes powerful blows at American culture to large crows across the county, takes rap music along a new path.  On the surface it may seem like Ali is just another pissed off radical making noise, but past the beef with government/childhood/women/society you get a close look at Ali Newman, the person.  Check out some of these tracks:

This song is from “Rites of Passage” which debuted on cassette and was distributed primarily at shows.  This demo got Ali introduced to Rhymesayers Ent

forest Whitaker is off  “Shadows on the Sun” and I think this track really exemplefies statements like ‘not your average rapper’ and how you get a glimpse of who Ali Newman really is.

The Album “Undisputed Truth” is regarded as Ali’s breakout album and it even cracked the Billboard top 100 at 69.  Controversy is at the core of much of Brother Ali’s new material, those with money and power are typically in the crosshairs.

Brother Ali’s newest release “US” goes deeper than taking broad strokes and injustice and condemning ‘the system’ as a whole, and gets more specific with graphic narratives about rape and the slave trade.  This track does not reflect that but more the growth that has taken place over the years with Brother Ali’s music and more importantly himself.




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