Kid Cudi comes out with a new album.

So Cleveland loved artist and native just dropped his anticipated 2nd album: The Man on the Moon Part II the Legend of Mr. Rager.  As a Clevelander, I instantly like the guy because he hasn’t betrayed us yet.  As an artist, sometimes I think he’s great and unique and at other points I wonder how this guy got famous from talking into a microphone with such monotone.  There are some great tracks to this album though and it deserves a listen.

You have to respect a popular and mainstream artist that puts out an album with 17 total tracks and with two of them that are over 15 minutes long.  This seems to be a rather personal album for Cudi and covers topics of drug use, fame, heartbreak and a high-profile lifestyle.

Here are 2 tracks that I particularly liked: The End and Erase Me

You may or may not be able to download the album here:  copy and paste it yourself.

Til next time, zeOlympian

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