This topic should be revisited.

The reason for the title of the post is that Jimmy Cliff has showed up on this blog a couple times already but unless you have been closely reading from 2009 you probably did not notice.  For readers who have not been adequately acquianted with the Reggae genre Jimmy Cliff is most definitely musicyoushouldhear.  The one thing that stands out to me more than anything else is the pure joy that can be heard and felt in his music.  With so much soul pumping out of every note Jimmy Cliff is able to address controversial topics like war and oppression without alienating listeners and furthermore able to reach listeners on an emotional level.  Born James Chambers, Cliff’s adopted musical name represents a high peak in his hometown which early on represented the  highest place on earth.  He wrote music from a young age and left home early to live in Kingston and make his voice heard, after years of struggle he made a splash in England and began a remarkable career.  Successful in both music and movies Jimmy Cliff has stayed true to his people and his cause of equality and free will for everyone.   Check out these track and the messages behind them,  feel the love.

Jimmy Cliff – Vietnam

Jimmy Cliff – Sufferin’ in the Land

Jimmy Cliff – If I Follow My Mind

Jimmy Cliff – Hard Road To Travel

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