Top 10 albums of twenty10: Deerhunter Halcyon Digest

Well, 2010 is finally starting to come to a close.  Now only 2 more years til the world comes to an end!  2012 people, 2012 people.  I thought the year was a great year of music with some really good and listenable albums put out by a wide array of artists.  I’m beginning to have feelings that popular music is starting to get good again and the bands are actually playing instruments.  Indie and the obscure are becoming mainstream and I’m thrilled about it.

So I figured to take the opportunity to post about my favorite albums of the year and also give YOU the pleasure to download the albums and formulate your own opinions.  2010 was a year of ups-and-downs for me.  Throughout the past year, I discovered a lot about true friends, hardship, and making the best for yourself to ensure a positive future.  These albums certainly eased the progression that one endures throughout a calender year:

without further adieu, I present Halcyon Digest by the artist Deerhunter:

dorky looking bunch huh?

this is my favorite song from the album and one of my favorites of 2010.

this is a good tune too!

Halcyon Digest is a great late night/relaxing/rainy day album.  The album is simple and sometimes sparse which offers easy listening after a long day of work.  I love listening to this album at night after a day of work and its subtle songs puts me in a perfect mood for bed.

you can download the album here:

til next time, zeOlympian.


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