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I immediately recognized the first track because Pretty Lights samples it in ‘Finally Moving‘.  With the help of Youtube, then Pandora, then Wikipedia I am now really into Nightmares On Wax.  Since I just gave away all my sources on the subject im just gonna throw in a quote here:

“A crucial bridge between the competing influences of New York house and electro, Detroit techno and soul, London rave and acid, and the burgeoning eclecticism of the years to come.”

[That is straight off Pandora]

I think my favorite part about posting this is that I checked seven different boxes for the category, my favorite Album is ‘Space Outta Sound’ check it out here.

Nightmares On Wax – You Wish

Nightmares On Wax – Me!

Nightmares On Wax – Pipes Honour

Nightmares On Wax – Da Feelin

Nightmares On Wax – Be There

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Kid Cudi comes out with a new album.

So Cleveland loved artist and native just dropped his anticipated 2nd album: The Man on the Moon Part II the Legend of Mr. Rager.  As a Clevelander, I instantly like the guy because he hasn’t betrayed us yet.  As an artist, sometimes I think he’s great and unique and at other points I wonder how this guy got famous from talking into a microphone with such monotone.  There are some great tracks to this album though and it deserves a listen.

You have to respect a popular and mainstream artist that puts out an album with 17 total tracks and with two of them that are over 15 minutes long.  This seems to be a rather personal album for Cudi and covers topics of drug use, fame, heartbreak and a high-profile lifestyle.

Here are 2 tracks that I particularly liked: The End and Erase Me

You may or may not be able to download the album here:  copy and paste it yourself.

Til next time, zeOlympian

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World spotlight on Africa

Featured on the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack.  Album has got a few solid tracks.

The Far East…

Actually we like to call it the mid west, so the weather isn’t the best but almost everyone I know is form the mid west and im damn proud to be from there.  And from another fellow white rapper that isn’t fom anywhere special, I think atmosphere puts it really well.

And if you really want to rep your shit get one of these t’s from my buddy scott, i cant tell you how many comments i get when i wear my midwest shirt

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Way cool Hip-Hop from a frenchie

I interned with a dude named Justin Shelby last summer at Fuel TV, we were driving home from Manhattan beach super fast on the highway with the windows down and he started blasting this song, its sick

…And i only made it for the last two songs


I have seen the band white heat a few times and they certainly rocked, however last saturday night i was certainly in for a treat.  I few of the members of this band branched off and formed the group iPhonic, a hip-hop oriented rock band.  They had 19 south packed and nearly the whole crowd was going wild by the last song.  (19 south is a fun bar, however it rarely gets this packed and i have never seen it this wild)  I usually try and post a direct link of the music on the site but i cant really do it this time so i encourage you to check them out on myspace and definitely see them if you ever get the chance.

iPhonic on myspace