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Blasting the Past

I just popped on facebook today and saw a music video from my buddy’s band Secret Music. How much do I know about this band? Not a whole lot. Do I own any of their CD’s? No. Did I throw this post up because there are some familiar faces from our small town in the video, once again. No. I was super stoked when I heard this track Ghost in the Graveyard because it totally brought me back. I don’t think Chase is trying to sound like music we used to rock out to but I do think that he has captured what we used to love to listen to in his music today. Rock on buddy!

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My first post: Yeasayer

First and foremost I would like to thank themusicyoushould.com for the opportunity to let me blog about the music that has caught my attention.  The internet is the greatest resource of our generation and it is unbelievable the way it has changed the face of music.  First it was napster then it was Kazaa now we have the pleasure of utilizing the likes of youtube and mediafire to our sonic advantage.

so to the music: YEASAYER This band hails from Brooklyn and first gained notoriety after their performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Their albums are full of synthesizers and backround noise much like Animal Collective.  However, I really like this band for its melodies and good lyrics.  My favorite lyrics also come my favorite song Sunrise off their first album All Hour Cymbals released in 2007.   “Put the world upon your shoulder, I’ll stay young while I watch everyone getting older.”  This line often provides motivation for myself in the morning and encourages me to be productive, while maybe others are wasting their day and growing older.

What motivated me to do Yeasayer as my first post is this youtube video.  This video was filmed after a performance in Paris and features the band at its best and also in it’s most stripped down state.  Do yourself a favor and watch this video in it’s entirety, its amazing!!!

Favorite songs:

Sunrise, 2080, redcave.

If you like this post, you can download their album here but don’t tell anybody.


til next time -zeolympian-

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The Black Keys are from Ohio And So am I! Represent!

Black Keys-Ohio; B-side from the album Brothers


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